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How to find your dream man. Create your dream relationship. Become a man magnet anduse the magic of your femininity.

Man’s Whisperer Relationship Online-Live-Seminar (Basic) – 01/21

8 evenings
Saturday 6.3.21 / 13.3.21 / 20.3.21 / 27.3.21 /3.4.21 / 10.4.21 /17.4.21 / 24.4.21
each from10:00-12.00 o’clock

The seminar takes place on ZOOM and is recorded (only for the participants)

Price: On request

Relationship seminar on the successful book: “The sophisticaton of a woman – Become a man whisperer!”

How to become happy with your dream man: Relationship coaching for women who are ready to live a new quality in their relationships with men.

What this seminar is NOT about:
I will not show you how to manipulate a man against his will and I will not show you seduction tricks to fix a lack of LOVE.

Relationship Seminar “Man Whisperer”:

This practical seminar focuses on personal coaching and practical implementation. You’ve read or are still reading my relationship guide. However, even if you think you understand and know it all, I can assure you that you are not applying it yet. How do I know that? Because you clicked on this relationship seminar and you want a better relationship with men (your husband) or you haven’t found your dream man yet. From my relationship coaching sessions with thousands of women, I can say: there is still MUCH potential for more successful communication with men!

So, now it’s about more than knowing how to attract a suitable man or how to make your partner a king.
Above all, it’s about putting it into practice in your life, and there’s only one way to get good results when dealing with men: coaching, feedback, and practice, practice, practice.

Week 1:
Location assessment
You get a map for your way to the dream relationship. So you first need to know where you are on the path to a happy life and a fulfilling relationship in order to move in the right direction.

Week 2::
What does NOT work with men. Make blind spots visible
Whether you’re a single woman or in a relationship, if you’re not yet in the relationship you want, you’ll have certain behaviors that have prevented that from happening so far – regardless of the man! It’s already half the battle if you notice how and when you unconsciously push men away or turn them off.

Week 3:
Be more feminine in your interactions with men
There is a way of speaking and being that works well with men: A feminine and feminine way. Now that you notice your unproductive behaviors when interacting with men, you can replace them with productive ones.

Week 4:
Shine your own light and light HIS lights.
You wish HE would fulfill your desires and make you happy? Men are attracted to women who ARE already happy. So let’s start with you and what you need for happiness.

Week 5:
Manifest Desired Relationship: Recognition and “acknowledging what is”
Quite simply, without recognition, no chance of a fulfilling relationship AND a fulfilling life. Note: recognition is very different than flattery!

Week 6:
Winning the dream man and keeping the dream man:
Yielding, ease, expressing desires, lovingly setting boundaries.
Charming interaction with men requires practice and willingness to engage in personality development and try new things.

Week 7 and 8:
On the way to becoming a dream partner yourself:
Vertiefendes Coaching, Interviews, praktische Übung
In-depth coaching, interviews, practical exercise Each participant faces individual challenges: Applying what they have learned in practice

To get the most out of the relationship seminar, I recommend the accompanying reading of my relationship guidebook: “The finesse of a woman – become a man’s whisperer”.